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Synergistic Skills[edit]

Learn Textile Creation from George Madler at Eltibule Keep[edit]

  • You can learn this skill at Neutral Favor, but you will need to raise Favor with him later, so start Hanging Out with him.
  • Buy the Carded Cotton recipe

Growing Cotton[edit]

  • Raise your Gardening skill to 35 so that you can grow Cotton
  • Forage 1-5 Cotton to get started, then find a garden and plant them. You will need 1x Water and 1x Fertilizer for each Cotton planted. Each Cotton will produce 3-5 more when it is ready to harvest.
  • Once you have at least 300 Cotton you are ready to move on to the next step.

Textile Creation Level 0 - 25[edit]

Early Tailoring recipes require Cotton Thread. You can buy this, but it's better to craft your own using the Textile Creation skill (at level 22). This will require 8740 experience. Each repetition of the Carded Cotton from Cotton Gin recipe consumes 5 Cotton and earns 11 xp. So, 4000 Cotton will be required (producing 800 carded cotton).

  • While standing at the Cotton Gin, card enough Cotton to raise your skill to level 2
  • Buy the "Carded Cotton (from Cotton Gin) recipe from George Madler
  • Continue carding cotton using the new recipe until you reach level 6 (this will consume about 150 Cotton).
  • Buy the "Coarse Cotton Yarn", "Canvas", and "Basic Spider Silk" recipes from George Madler
  • Perform each of the new recipes at least once, for the bonus experience
  • Continue Carding Cotton and making Coarse Cotton Yarn until you reach level 12.
  • Once you reach level 12 in Textile Creation, travel to Kur Mountains and purchase the "Simple Blanket" recipe from the signpost at the arrival from Eltibule
  • If you have performed all of the Hang Outs with George Madler you should be within 20 points of Friends favor level. Create 4 Simple Blankets and Gift them to George Madler. You should now be at Friends favor level.
  • Buy all recipes available from George Madler (Butter Muslin, Flower Wrap, Fine Cotton Yarn, String (from Cotton), Cheesecloth, Breadcloth)
  • Make each of the new recipes
  • Make a total of 10 Butter Muslin. Get the associated Work Order and turn it in.
  • Complete the following Favors to reach Close Friends with George Madler:
    • Revenge for Slavery, Pt. 2 (awards 100 favor, 1k councils, 1k Textile Creation experience)
    • Revenge for Slavery, Pt. 3 (awards 300 favor, 1k councils, 1k Textile Creation experience)
  • Purchase all available recipes (Voile Muslin, Cotton Thread, Flower Banding)

Leveling up Tailoring[edit]

  • Make one of each of the following tailoring recipes for the bonus experience (make the needed Coarse Cotton Yarn and Cotton Thread using your Textile Creation skill):
    • Beginner's Tailoring Practice (Yarn)
    • Shoddy Cloth Cown
    • Shoddy Cloth Gloves
    • Shoddy Cloth Pants
    • Shoddy Cloth Shirt
    • Shoddy Cloth Slippers

Carded Cotton (Expert Level)[edit]

The last step should have raised your Textile Creation skill to 25. If not, make additional Cotton Thread to reach level 25. You now have enough skill to purchase "Carded Cotton (Expert Level)", but you will need to raise your Favor with George Madler to Best Friends. This will require about 500 additional favor which can be gained by giving any of the following gifts:

  • 6-7 Council Certificates
  • 125 Cheesecloth (or some other combination of unused cloth - see wiki)

Keep in mind that you will need to raise your Favor with George Madler to Like Family soon. That will require 800 more favor once you've reached Best Friends. That's a lot of cloth, so you should gift any Council Certificates you have to speed along the process.

Once you have raised your favor with George Madler to Best Friends, purchase the following recipes from him:

  • Carded Cotton (Expert Level)
  • Strong Spider Silk

Make each of the new recipes once, for the bonus experience.

Then, card the rest of your Cotton using the new, Expert Level Carded Cotton recipe. Carding 300 Cotton yields about 6000 experience which will raise your Textile Creation skill to 31.

Tailoring Level 5 - 10[edit]

  • Purchase the following recipes from Thimble Pete:
    • Shoddy Cloth Pants (Enchanted)
    • Shoddy Cloth Shirt (Enchanted)
    • Shoddy Cloth Slippers (Enchanted)
    • Shoddy Cloth Gloves (Enchanted)
    • Shoddy Cloth Cowl (Enchanted)

Thimble Pete won't sell any more recipes until you reach Friends level. If your Cooking skill is at least level 35, make Guava Bowls and gift them to Pete. Each Guava Bowl will raise his favor about 29 points.

Once you reach Friends with Thimble Pete, purchase the Neophyte's Tailoring Practice recipe. There are Work Orders for the products of this recipe. If you plan to fill those orders, keep in mind that the Cotton Gloves do not stack so you should buy that Work Order before making the recipe (bonnets and handkerchiefs stack). Repeat the recipe until you have the following:

  • 10 Bonnet
  • 10 Cloth Handkerchief
  • 10 Cotton Gloves

If your Tailoring skill is not yet at level 10, continue making the recipe until you reach that level.

Tailoring Level 10 - x[edit]

  • Purchase the Novice's Tailoring Practice recipe from Thimble Pete

George Madler[edit]

At Friends[edit]

  • Butter Muslin
  • Flower Wrap
  • Fine Cotton Yarn
  • String
  • Cheesecloth

At Close Friends[edit]

  • Voile Muslin
  • Cotton Thread
  • Flower Banding